Bad News

As I searched for something newsworthy to share with you this evening, I became more disheartened than usual. I typically find one or two stories worth sharing–and I usually encounter about one alcohol-related death story each week (which isn’t to say there aren’t others). Yet tonight, when I looked for our story, I found not one but three stories about alcohol related accidents. A Penn State cheerleader suffered a broken pelvis and brain trauma after falling during a party, a Garden City College student’s drowning may be related to alcohol, and Denison College sees a spike in alcohol consumption. This bombardment of stories reminds me that with each freshman class comes alcohol education class. Not from an online portal or an RA (though many schools employ both to combat binge drinking), but from new classmates. The students bring what they know to the table, share it, and toxic results–like the ones I found this evening–ensue.

One Response to “Bad News”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Supporters of the ageist drinking age should realize that it has not and will not decrease binge drinking by university students. The approaches which would decrease binge drinking by university students are to lower the drinking age to 18, require alcohol education before being allowed to drink alcoholic beverages and as Ajax the Great said, to have a price floor on alcoholic beverages. Denison College is seeing what other universities and colleges are experiencing and that’s wrong. However, it’s important to know that not all university students binge drink. This means that there is certainly progress to be made.