Barrett Seaman on Q102 Philadelphia

Recently, [CR] President Barrett Seaman visited Q102 Radio in Philadelphia to discuss the drinking age debate with Clear Channel Public Affairs Director Loraine Ballard Morrill. You can listen to an archived copy of the interview here.

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  1. Edwin Says:

    Barrett Seaman has all the answers. I believe that the drinking age was raised to 21 by Reagan, this is the reason I don’t like him, is because of ageism. Out of many of 30+ recommendations by the committee, they chose an ageist one. The committee’s purpose was to decrease drunk driving and not target young people for drunk driving so this is the reason why I believe that ageism is the greatest factor as to why the drinking age was raised to 21. Barrett Seaman’s opponent says that the brain is not developed until 25 so he contradicts his own opinion by saying nonsense. He said that alcohol is always bad for young people but this is only the case when alcohol is abused. I believe that MADD is an ageist organization. The organization has criticized the Amethyst Initiative by spewing intolerant comments. The comments were created to restrict debate. For there to be an effective drinking age of 18, there must be licensing, as Barrett Seaman said.

  2. Ajax the Great Says:

    Actually, there is evidence that the brain continues to develop well into the 30s and even 40s, especially the prefrontal cortex.
    However, the vast majority of the brain’s development is complete by 18.

    Thus a drinking age of 21 is completely arbitrary and is based on flimsy junk science. If you give the pro-21 side enough rope, they will hang themselves.

    However, I respectfully disagree with the idea of the drinking license. Though probably somewhat better than the current situation, I think it is unnecessary, would be very difficult to enforce, resembles Big Brother to some extent, and the idea makes CR appear to be a bit quixotic. It also makes it seem like we don’t really believe in the idea of lowering the drinking age to 18, or that we are afraid of what would happen if it was lowered across the board. The pro-21 debaters such as MADD always use that as a lightning rod for criticism. And since only 18-20 year olds would be required to have a license to drink, it still maintains a class of “sub-adults” who are old enough to do just about anything else.

    I believe that 18-20 year olds should and have the same rights as 21 year olds currently enjoy. That’s the way it is in most of the Western world today, and the way most of America used to be before Ronnie Raygun. They should be given the benefit of the doubt upon turing 18. If we must have special restrictions on 18-20 year olds with respect to alcohol, it would probably make more sense to keep the age for kegs, cases, and other bulk quantities at 20 or 21, and 18 otherwise. That should alleviate the fear increased high school keggers. Also, pairing the lowering of the drinking age to 18 with an increase in the alcohol tax and tougher drunk driving laws and enforcement would also be a good idea. Blacklisting people of any age from buying alcohol for a year or so if convicted of drunk driving, drunk violence, repeated disorderly conduct, or furnishing to minors under 18 would also probably be a good idea. As for education, it would be best for it to begin long before the age of 18. Just my $0.02.

  3. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Ajax, I don’t know if you noticed this but someone posted something absurd in the comment section of your blog. Just a heads-up. Have a good July 4th!

  4. Ajax the Great Says:

    Yeah, I just noticed it. LOL! It appears to be just a parody rather than anything serious.

  5. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    I actually thought they were being serious. Silly me!

  6. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Ajax, how do you think the other side views us? The village idiot or the mailed fist that just needs some organization that, if not watched, could crush them like the insects they really are? The two of us have been at this for 3 years now.

  7. Ajax the Great Says:

    Probably somewhere in the middle, as most folks on the other side probably dismiss us as dangerous gadflies. As long as there are not too many of us, they don’t think of us as much of a threat, but they are ever vigilant just in case our numbers do in fact grow. One Rasmussen poll in 2009 showed that we were approaching a critical mass: a whopping 35% of adults wanted to lower the drinking age to 18 (or even lower). However, a more recent poll from late 2010 showed that we’re back down to about 27% in favor and 5% undecided. But that’s still progress considering that only 4-5 years ago we were at merely 20-25%.

  8. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Ajax, are there any pro-21 books out in circulation? Anything?

  9. Ajax the Great Says:

    Not that I am aware of. I could probably write one myself given all the stuff I have on my blog though.

  10. Ajax the Great Says:

    You did mean anti-21, right? There are numerous pro-21 books out there, or at least ones with a pro-21 bias, such as Dying to Drink by Henry Wechsler.

    As for anti-21 books, the only one I can think of is Binge: What Your College Student Won’t Tell You by Barrett Seaman.

  11. Ajax the Great Says:

    Actually, any book by renowned sociologist Mike Males (check Amazon) could be considered anti-21 as well.

  12. Edwin Says:

    Good blog, Ajax the Great. I have my own blog and can be accessed by clicking my name.

  13. Ajax the Great Says:

    Thanks. Your blog is pretty good too.

  14. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Ken Burns has made a documentery on Prohibition. It just started airing. Remember folks, those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

    John Searles, if you’re reading this, you know I’m talking about you.

  15. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    Ajax, it’s been a long time since we talked.

  16. Ajax the Great Says:

    Yes, it has been a while. Good that you pointed out the documentary on Prohibition. Unfortunately, too many people over 21 fail to realize that the 21 drinking age is a form of prohibition, with similar disastrous results.

    Any ideas on what else to add to the wiki? It has not been updated since August. I have added new stuff to my blog, such as “Things Underage Drinkers Didn’t Do”, similar to Dave Hitt’s list of “Things Atheists Didn’t Do”. Every so often I look on Dreamin’ Demon, Bad Breeders, and Google News for outrageous alcohol-related crimes, accidents, and follies committed by people over 21 in America in the past few weeks, and list it as long as the same event did not happen during that time by a drinker under 21.

  17. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    I’m thinking about writing an article on tatomuck18. It’s the Youtube screenname of a fanatical pro-21 supporter. Just go on youtube and look for any videos on the drinking age. He even had the nerve to defend that sub-human Candy Lightner when she went on her tirade. I want to make the article as blunt and dehumanizing as possible.

  18. Ajax the Great Says:

    Fine by me, but remember that, unlike Lightner and MADD, this guy is not a public figure. So you do have to be careful what you say about him to avoid being sued for libel. Choose your words carefully and make sure everything you say is 100% true.

    And yes, I have seen his outrageously obtuse comments on the issue of the drinking age.

  19. Ajax the Great Says:

    Take a look at my latest blog post about the latest sketchy study about the drinking age.

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