Binge Drinking at UWM: Parents React

This week, Jim Stevens of Wisconsin’s Lake Country Reporter wrote about three area college students who died from binge drinking. Paul Raddatz, father of Ali Raddatz, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student who died in late February, talked about the dangers of excessive drinking: “Instead of talking a half-hour, they’re doing a shot in two seconds. And five seconds later they’re back, doing another with 60-, 80-proof alcohol.”

Raddatz believes “colleges need a safe environment for students to drink and be responsible instead of drinking in secret, as his daughter did,” and that the drinking age should be lowered to help create a safer drinking environment. The current laws put parents and educators in a difficult situation when it comes to educating young adults about alcohol, so what do you think of his idea? Check out the article and leave your feedback in the comments.

One Response to “Binge Drinking at UWM: Parents React”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age of 21 is a disservice to those who are 18-20. Not only does the current drinking age disrespects the age of majority, but it encourages binge drinking, thus causing deaths. In addition, too many legislators are silent or against lowering the drinking age to 18, but the drinking age must be lowered to 18 with an alcohol education program. Tragedies as stated above shows the danger of having an ageist drinking age. Finally, if the drinking age were to be lowered, no state must have it above 18.