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30 years after its signing, CNN highlights the MLDA discussion

Monday, July 28th, 2014

John McCardell speaks with CNN regarding the benefits of providing a responsible drinking environment. Currently, underage drinking “is taking place behind closed doors, where it’s much more dangerous. It’s unsupervised,” [McCardell] said. “It’s out of step with social reality.”

In its 30th year of existence, CNN summarizes the debate on the legal drinking age here

The article compares the drinking regulations and culture in the U.S. with those of often-cited European countries, from early childhood to college-age drinking, and addresses the validity of the “forbidden fruit” argument, among other related topics.

How is today’s discussion different from the one held in 1984?

Britain looks into minimum alcohol unit pricing

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed a new minimum price per unit for alcohol. Supporters of the new law, which will propose minimum prices of 40p, 45p, or 50p per unit, argue that the new pricing measure will positively affect binge drinkers and the people around them. However, those against the proposed legislation argue that the research supporting the initiative is inconclusive and assumes that the strain on heavy drinkers’ wallets will be enough to discourage binge drinking. David Cameron continues to push ahead with the initiative.

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More drunk than you think?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

A recent Fox News report claims that, “women arrested for driving while intoxicated increased by 31.5 percent between 2000 and 2009.” According to the article, the statistic indicates the adults, especially women, are consuming enough alcohol to push them past the legal driving limit. Apparently, men and women continue to make the choice to drink and drive because they do not realize how a drink affects their BAC.

While the article serves more as more of a warning to adults than as a statistical analysis, it indicates that a misunderstanding of alcohol’s effect on the body plays a role in the choices made by those well past the legal age.

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