Cedar Rapids Gazette: 21 Causing Harm?

This morning, James Lynch of the Cedar Rapids Gazette expanded on comments made earlier this month by NIAAA founder Dr. Morris Chafetz in order to examine the local drinking culture in and around Iowa’s universities. He included a statement from Amethyst Initiative signatory James Phifer of Coe College, who called Legal Age 21 “laden with problems” and emphasized the need for a “thorough review” of the best policies to keep young adults safe. Check out the rest of Lynch’s article at the online edition of the Gazette.

One Response to “Cedar Rapids Gazette: 21 Causing Harm?”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. The current drinking age is ageist and has encouraged binge drinking by those aged 18-20, thus the age of majority must be respected. Universities have been the center of the consequences of binge drinking and is why Dr. Morris Chafetz is right that a much better solution must be implemented. Lawmakers must be brave to lower the drinking age and create an alcohol education program despite a revoke in a percentage of highway funding.