Choose Responsibility News from Left and Right

A blog on the national website Campus Progress, a site for student progressives, caught wind of Choose Responsibility’s recent proposal to reconsider the 21 year-old drinking age. Unlike the polemical statements issued by other organizations focused on drinking, the blogger Keith White praises the quality research and professionalism of Choose Responsibility. “Framing all our policy debates on such clear-headedness would be a godsend for American politics. And as a result of this apparent professionalism, this organization can show students how to effectively engage in the political dialogue on a unifying, non-partisan issue.

On the opposite side of the aisle, conservative columnist John McCaslin for the newspaper Washington Times, comments on Choose Responsibility’s proposal in an article titled A License to Drink. Though he offers mostly explanation, his mention of proposal coupled with the editorializations in the progressive blogs suggest that the logic of a lowered drinking resonates across large segments of the population. 3quarksdaily, a blog of considerable following amongst the professorial type, also made reference to Choose Responsibility’s proposal.

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