Cleveland Plain Dealer Covers Drinking Age Debate

Last Friday, [CR] President John McCardell traveled to Cleveland to give a presentation on the drinking age at Case Western Reserve University. Janet Okoben, the higher education reporter with the Plain Dealer had a chance to interview Dr. McCardell before the presentation. He told the crowd of students and administrators,

“You know and I know that professional law enforcement has a frustratingly difficult time enforcing this law. And you know and I know that the more successfully we try to enforce this law on our campuses, the more successfully we simply push the problem deeper underground and farther beyond our boundaries, which puts it not only out of our sight but beyond our control and beyond our authority.”

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One Response to “Cleveland Plain Dealer Covers Drinking Age Debate”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. MADD and the American Medical Association are wrong because debate is needed to bring forward solutions to decrease binge drinking among those aged 18-20. There are already two very good solutions, which are better and will always be better than the current ageist drinking age. John McCardell is correct in that if police officers get too tough on “underage” drinking, those aged 18-20 will go into consealed places for binge drinking.