Colorado Daily: Drinking Age Unfair – And Dangerous

Joe Carr of the Independence Institute, a Coloado public policy think tank, wrote an op-ed on the legal drinking age in the Sunday edition of the Colorado Daily. Carr believes Legal Age 21 is “flat-out dangerous,” and he thinks a policy that allows young adults “to appreciate the responsibility that goes with drinking under a controlled parental environment” could help encourage safe consumption.

One Response to “Colorado Daily: Drinking Age Unfair – And Dangerous”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Joe Carr is correct in that the current drinking disrespects the age of majority, but not just that, it also encourages alcohol abuse by those 18-20. The only solutions to these problems is to lower the drinking age to 18 with an alcohol education program. In addition, with these solutions implemented, alcohol responsibility among those 18-20 will surely rise along with the respect of the age of majority. Safe consumption by young adults will only occur if the situations involve responsibility and education.