Cornell Student Reflects on Campus Drinking Culture

An op-ed from the Cornell Sun, Cornell’s student newspaper, reflects on the school’s social culture and on the importance of creating safe spaces where alcohol is consumed.

The article, mentioning the Amethyst Initiative, speaks specifically about binge drinking as a result of the restriction of alcohol at student social events.

6 Responses to “Cornell Student Reflects on Campus Drinking Culture”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Regulation is better than prohibition and this is how people who are 18-20 should be treated with a drinking age of 18. It’s good to hear that binge drinking is not as common as in other universities; not schools because they are called colleges. Cornell University should abandon the idea of the alcohol-free party since not many young women and young men attended. Instead, Cornell should give more trust in making sure the leaders of fraternities and sororities keep a culture of alcohol responsibility. If they don’t, then the university can intervene. For universities and colleges to reduce binge drinking, strict law enforcement is not the answer but stopping rowdy parties is always alright.

  2. Ben R.Joyce Says:

    It is better to turn to Jesus and the true church.Billy Sunday used to say beer for fools.

  3. Marshall Guthrie Says:

    Billy Sunday counted to infinity…twice.

  4. Ben R.Joyce Says:

    Stop raving lies you Godhating retarts.Billy Sunday,William Ashley Sunday was a man of God who addressed the truth about reality of beer and booze.A demon in the cup.

  5. Ajax the Great Says:


  6. Ben R.Joyce Says:

    However,there is still hope from Westboro Baptist Church and her pastor Fred Phelps.