[CR] at the NCSL Summit.

This week we’ve sent Grace and Nick to Philadelphia for the National Conference of State Legislators Legislative Summit. State Senators and Representatives from around the country will be meeting to share their ideas for effective state government. On Wednesday, [CR] President John McCardell will be giving a presentation entitled Binge Drinking: A Public Health Crisis to a group of over fifty legislators who serve on key committees in states tackling this problem. Check out the [CR] video archive to get a taste of what John will be saying. And check back here or follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the week from Philadelphia, and as always, from our DC headquarters. What would you want your State Senators and Representatives to know about the reality of drinking in your community? Let us know in the comment thread.

2 Responses to “[CR] at the NCSL Summit.”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. It’s good that John McCardell will be speaking in Philadelphia for the National Conference of State Legislators. Binge drinking is a crisis because it’s prevalent in universities where the consequences of alcohol abuse unfold. Binge drinking is also a crisis because there are not many signs that binge drinking is decreasing among university students, thus meaning that thousands of consequences will unfold because of it.

  2. MaryRita Sherudan Says:

    Ihave been in touch with Nick. I have one son graduated from best school in vt and two more to follow.Their worst legacy is that that their grandmother, hope sheridan, drowned alone in her mazda miata in hobe sound. The only press is she was ex-mother-in-law of kennedy cousin Michael Skakel. The sad truth is and what I want to learn to impart to my 3 teenagers is. CR