[CR] Launches Get REAL Initiative for Student Body Presidents

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week has arrived, and with it, Choose Responsibility has launched a new initiative for student government presidents across the country. Our Get REAL campaign encourages Responsibility, Education, and Leadership on campus alcohol issues, and will bring together student government leaders so that they can have a meaningful impact on the direction of alcohol policies. If you’re a student government president and you’re frustrated by the culture of toxic drinking at your school, you can join together with your colleagues to make your voice heard.

[CR] President John McCardell and Get REAL signatory Brody Leven of Westminster College both commented on the launch in our press release – read the official announcement here.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Get REAL page to read the signing statement and see which student government presidents have joined the movement so far. If you’d like to send a Get REAL link to your SGA President or your contacts on Facebook and Twitter, use this link: http://tr.im/getrealcr.

Help us reach your student government presidents by letting them know about this new campaign, and if you have questions, let us know in the comments.

One Response to “[CR] Launches Get REAL Initiative for Student Body Presidents”

  1. Edwin Says:

    It’s good that the GET REAL program has been created to prevent binge drinking in universities. Binge drinking shouldn’t be common among those aged 18-20 or university students, and is why the GET REAL program will likely decrease binge drinking. As well with a focus on preventing alcohol abuse, it’s also good that the GET REAL program is committed to a free debate surrounding the ageist drinking age. The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program.