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Happy 2009 – we hope you had a safe and healthy holiday season, and here at [CR] we’re ready to take the debate about binge drinking into the new year armed with some fresh ideas and newfound support. Here’s the latest [CR] news to start us off in the new year:

Stories the week:

Maureen Downey profiled William Durden, President of Dickinson College and an Amethyst Initiative signatory, in a recent edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Thomas Downs, an Editorial Board member at the Home News Tribune in East Brunswick, NJ wrote an op-ed about the drinking age debate and concluded that the conversation is certainly one worth having.

New Year’s resolutions are popular this time of year, and Tim Redmond, Editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, made a list of resolutions he’d like to see other people pursue in 2009. He wants the federal government rethink the drinking age.

Seattle’s Child magazine posted an article by Sally James about Choose Responsibility and the drinking age in the Pacific Northwest from earlier in December.

In other news…

On January 1, five states began mandating the installation of alcohol ignition interlocks for all first-time DUI offenders. Alaska, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, and Washington state will have the new legislation on the books this year, and South Carolina will mandate ignition interlocks for repeat offenders. Michael Tarm of the Associated Press profiled the new law in Illinois.

A new study conducted by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey indicated that parental supervision can help curb dangerous drinking habits by young adults both before they enter college and after they enroll. The study also found that about 25% of college students surveyed strongly support the Amethyst Initiative, with a majority of 57% either somewhat supportive, neutral, or somewhat opposed.

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  1. Edwin Says:

    Much progress has been made in 2008 for this cause, especially with the Amethyst Initiative, but also yesterday for the new state laws which target DUI offenders and not an entire adult age group. I have also made progress in 2008 by contacting my two U.S. Senators and my member of the U.S. House Representatives on the subject of lowering the drinking age to 18 which I strongly support. Finally, adults of any age must share the same privilleges as others for the preservation of equality.