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Earlier this week, [CR] President John McCardell’s commentary “Drinking Age of 21 Doesn’t Work” on CNN.com garnered plenty of attention, and as a result, he joined several radio hosts across the country to discuss the issue of the drinking age. Dr. McCardell joined Mitch Albom, Sam Greenfield of WVNJ Bergen County New Jersey, and Karel Bouley of KRXA Carmel Valley, California – you can visit their sites to see information about the interviews. Would you like to offer your take on Dr. McCardell’s commentary? Visit CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 blog to post your thoughts, and use our ShareThis tools to spread the story to your social networks. For the best of the other recent news items about the drinking age and binge drinking, check out these headlines:

Stories this week:

Crackdowns on underage drinking in Athens, Georgia don’t appear to be working very well, according to Blake Aued of the Athens Banner-Herald. This week, he noted that “the Athens-Clarke Commission voted in September 2007 to ban late-night drink specials, cheap drinks and bar employees who are under 21 years old from checking identification at the door.” And the result? “College students do not seem to have changed their drinking habits.”

Unfortunately, Athens isn’t the only college town struggling to fight dangerous drinking. Scott Waldman of the Albany Times Union wrote about the tensions in residential neighborhoods surrounding the University at Albany, where “back to school means Keystone Light, puking and bleary-eyed fights. “

The Wall Street Journal covered the issue of alcohol sales in college stadiums early this week. Check out David Kesmodel and Jeff Opdyke‘s piece to learn about the tension some cities are encountering while trying to maintain revenues and encourage responsible drinking.

Sam Sessa, a nightlife reporter for the Baltimore Sun and a contributor to the paper’s “Midnight Sun” blog, offered his lighthearted take on Maryland’s various alcohol laws, which he characterized as “confusing.”

In other news…

A team of researchers at the University of Mississippi and Louisiana State University confirmed that binge drinking weakens the body’s short-term immune response in a new study that will be published in the journal BMC Immunology. Check out Medical News Today for the details.

In an update on legislation that was proposed earlier this year, California lawmakers have postponed their efforts to pass a bill requiring all alcohol sales to be routed through live cashiers. The lawmakers believed that self-checkout lines in supermarkets offered underage drinkers easier access to alcohol.

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  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. It’s good that Anderson Cooper has got hold of the debate on his blog and that radio stations interviewed John McCardell. Students at the University of Georgia must know the consequences of binge drinking and stop the practice. A solution to the selling of alcohol at university stadiums is to ban alcohol, except in the luxury suites. There’s no need for a prohibitionist policy at those stadiums. That bill in California must not be become law.