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Stories this week:

Last year, two students died in alcohol-related incidents at Kansas University. But according to Jesse Fray of the Lawrence Journal-World, binge drinking continues to be a problem among students, where off-campus drinking is becoming more popular than on-campus drinking. Survey results also show that about a third of KU students binge drink. Marlesa Roney, KU’s Vice Provost for Student Success, said, “There’s still a significant issue with alcohol consumption on campus and still a need to continue to work hard, to educate our students and give our students tools to make better decisions.”

The editors of the Daily Princetonian conducted a survey on alcohol use among Princeton University students, and some of the results were unsettling: 53% of respondents said at least once they had been drunk enough to throw up. Gabriel Debenditti covered the survey results and the larger culture of alcohol at Princeton today in a story called “The Nightmare Scenario.”

In the wake of a pair of alcohol poisoning deaths in 2004, the city of Boulder, Colorado began a widespread effort to work with University of Colorado administrators to curb dangerous drinking among students. The number of groups formed to address this issue grew to 14, and now, the two groups will streamline their efforts under one umbrella organization: the Campus-Community Coalition on Alcohol Abuse. Check out Heather Urie’s article in the Daily Camera to learn about the group’s formation.

In other news…

Hayley Peterson of the Washington Examiner reported on a controversy brewing over a proposed 10-cent-per-drink tax in Maryland. The new tax “would apply to every 8 ounces of alcohol — totaling about 55 cents for a bottle of wine and 75 cents on a handle of liquor.” The bill’s sponsors hope the tax will curb dangerous alcohol consumption, while its opponents argue that customers will simply take their business to other states. What’s your take?

Penn State Daily Collegian columnist Rich Coleman listened to This American Life’s story about heavy drinking at PSU from late December, and he didn’t like what he heard: “when the residents here install motion sensors around their houses to combat trespassing drunks or can correctly identify the sound of a stop sign being dragged across the ground, then we have officially become, at the very least, bad neighbors.” In the end, he wrote, “when you step back from everything and see how our dependence on alcohol and its effects must look to an outsider — in this case through the eyes of a radio show host and his crew who make their living documenting different places and people — you start to rethink things. Suddenly, the normalcy of binge drinking and pregaming turns into absurdity.”

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One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with licensing and education. Binge drinking by university students is a crisis because binge drinking is alcohol abuse and it’s common in universities. It’s not correct, but honest, that 53% of students at Princeton drink alcohol until their sick. Maryland’s proposed tax on alcohol should become law along with an encouragement to alcohol companies to reduce the size of their bottles. Heavy drinking at Penn State must decrease because of the consequence.