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On Wednesday, [CR] President John McCardell traveled to Fairfield University in Connecticut to debate the drinking age with James Fell of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in an event sponsored by the University’s Student Association. Fairfield Citizen reporter Anthony Karge was on hand to cover the event, and he spoke to Dr. McCardell, who characterized Legal Age 21 as a “well-intended law which fosters abhorrent behavior.” Read the article for a review of Wednesday’s event, and then check out the rest of the week’s headlines:

Stories this week:

Fairfield wasn’t the only place to feature a debate between Dr. McCardell and Mr. Fell. The Police Executive Research Forum printed a point/counterpoint debate between them in the pages of their publication Subject to Debate. Check out the latest issue here – click on the 1/2010 link for access to the PDF file. The essays begin on page 4.

Chappaqua, NY resident Audrey Furfaro responded to the Journal News article about a police training program for breaking up chaotic underage drinking parties with a different suggestion: lower the drinking age. She wrote, “We treat people who are 18-19 as adults to send them to war, sign contracts, vote, etc. The focus should properly be on stopping those under 18 or still in high school from drinking, but we have cheapened the value and respect of the law by over-criminalizing drinking.”

If you missed it earlier this week, make sure to read the Rutland Herald editorial in support of the drinking age debate, which was published on Tuesday.

In other news…

A report from the Wisconsin Radio Network indicates that dangerous drinking is still a major problem at the University of Wisconsin, despite the efforts of administrators. Janet Duberry, who runs an alcohol education course for students who violate the university’s alcohol policy, said that she is getting busier every semester: “Unfortunately, our classes are very full, in fact we’re adding classes this semester…they’re drinking so thoughtlessly, and without knowing that there are consequences. They’ve normalized it to the point where they forget about the consequences.”

Nebraska is one of a small handful of states where the age of majority is not 18 across the board, but some state legislators are working to change that: the Associated Press reported that lawmakers gave initial approval to a measure that would allow 18 year-olds to enter into legally binding contracts and receive medical care without parental consent. Despite these developments, Legal Age 21 will remain unchanged.

The Daily Iowan editorial board has high hopes for a new responsible drinking campaign at the University of Iowa. The program intends to “initiate a shift away from dangerous drinking toward responsible, controlled consumption.” Check out Monday’s editorial for details.

Stay tuned for news of Dr. McCardell’s recent taping with Reason.tv. Leave us a link in the comments section if you found another newsworthy item from this week.

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  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licesning. It’s a disgrace that Nebraska doesn’t allow young women and young men who are 18 to enter into contracts so that must change. It’s good that John McCardell traveled to the University of Connecticut to debate the ageist drinking age. Audrey Furfaro is correct. The University of Iowa is dong the correct thing in hosting a campaign to discourage binge drinking in universities. The University of Wisonsin is doing better against alcohol abuse.