[CR] Week in Review

Good news! Our idea on Change.org took 3rd place in its category, and has advanced to the final round of voting, which begins at 1 PM EST on Monday, March 1 and will conclude at the end of the week. Vote totals will be reset to zero across the board when the contest opens again on Monday, so we will have a level playing field for competition. Before you prepare to cast your vote early next week, check out these headlines:

Stories this week:

Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post examined recent changes in parental notification rules for underage alcohol violations at colleges at universities across the country. Jameson wrote, “Schools have found themselves in a delicate balancing act. Officials want to protect students’ heath and honor parents’ demands for information, but they also want to help students develop a sense of independence.” What do you think is the appropriate policy?

Two Dallas Morning News articles caught our eye this week. The first came from local high school student Kelsey McKinney, who took a snapshot of the toxic drinking culture in her area and concluded that a lower drinking age is necessary. The second was a roundtable discussion involving the members of the Morning News editorial board, who debated this week’s Washington Post parental notification story. Debate moderator and Assistant Editorial Page Editor Nicole Stockdale argued for a lower drinking age: “My first problem is that the drinking age should already be 18. Treat adults like adults.”

In case you missed it earlier this week, check out the Associated Press report on a disturbing trend at Midwestern colleges: drinkers create “shot books” to commemorate their 21st birthdays, with one shot for each year represented.

In other news…

Legislators in Utah are considering a partial medical amnesty bill for underage drinkers who seek emergency assistance for intoxicated friends. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the bill is intended to prevent situations similar to the one in which Utah State University first-year Michael Starks passed away after a night of heavy drinking in 2009.

A panel of student affairs administrators at New Hampshire universities discussed the issue of underage drinking in higher education on New Hampshire Public Radio. You can listen to the conversation here.

BC Heights columnist Joseph Pasquinelli took on the issue of the drinking age again this week. He wrote, “The current drinking age makes using alcohol illegal for most college-age students, but this does not stop them. It will only make their behavior more secretive and irresponsible. In order to foster an environment where this ‘experimenting’ can be done responsibly and treated as an opportunity to learn how to drink like an adult, the drinking age needs to be lowered to at most 18.”

Leave us a news tip in the comments if you found an interesting item that we missed, and please remember to cast your votes for our Change.org idea on Monday afternoon!

One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. It’s good that the idea to lower the drinking age to 18 has gone to the final round. I condemn universities which are required to contact young women and young men who are 18-20 for drinking because those universities are oppressive. Nicole Stockdale is correct in that the drinking age must be lowered. The legislature in Utah must pass the partial medical amnesty so it can become law. Joseph Pasquinelli is correct of the situation in universities.