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In the past few weeks, government agencies have been warning U.S. college students about the dangers of Spring Break trips to Mexico. This week, the Associated Press and ABC News filed reports on travel advisories aimed at young adults. Have your friends and family members traveled abroad for Spring Break to evade Legal Age 21? Let us know by telling your story in the comments, and then check out the rest of these headlines.

Stories this week:

AlterNet contributor Shelly Rollison called Legal Age 21 “a band-aid over the real problem” of toxic drinking in her latest post. She wrote, “One of the best definitions of insanity I’ve ever heard is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time. The laws on underage drinking aren’t working. It’s not deterring kids from drinking: they’re just finding ways of doing it that aren’t likely to get them busted.”

Cary Carr, a Temple News commentator, collected stories of fellow students’ drunken mishaps and used them to illustrate the reality of alcohol consumption on her campus: “For a lot of college students, the weekend means partying, and partying involves drinking. Whether it is in a crowded basement reeking of cheap vodka and bodily fluids or at a bar with obnoxiously loud music and an even more obnoxiously growing tab, college kids are getting drunk.”

John Shelness of Des Moines, Iowa is not pleased with the direction of alcohol policies in his community. He responded to a Des Moines Register story about college binge drinking by sketching out the unintended consequences of enforcement crackdowns: “To fix the damage done to the lives of young adults by these overzealous regulators is simple. Reverse the failed policies that currently guide alcohol use for young adults. This neo-prohibitionist approach drives college students off campus and underground into dangerous and unregulated social settings where it is easier to buy, transport and hide hard liquor.”

In other news…

A coalition of departments and organizations at the University of Nevada – Reno is using grant money to develop late-night entertainment programs for students that will give them other options besides large parties that are focused on goal-oriented drinking.

Justin Graham, a resident of Evansville, IN, believes that the recent underage drinking raids conducted by the Indiana State Excise Police are counterproductive time-wasters: “Harm reduction efforts would be much more effective at alleviating the potential dangers of alcohol than heavy-handed enforcement that will ultimately never work. Even if it made sense to use the force of law to prevent young people from drinking, and even if it were at all possible to do so, a drinking age of 21 makes no sense whatsoever.” What do you think?

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One Response to “[CR] Week in Review”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. University students should travel to Cancun to evade the ageist drinking age. Shelly Rollison is correct in that binge drinking is not likely to decrease without repealing the drinking age of 21. Carry Carr is an ageist for calling university students “kids”, so the Temple News should’ve censored her comment but is correct on the ageist drinking age. I condemn the Indiana State Excise Police for arresting those 18-20 for drinking alcohol.