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After last week’s news about the deaths of 21 year-old Missouri resident Alberto Betancourt and Colorado State University sophomore Jon Hunter-Hauck from alcohol poisoning, The Gordie Foundation notified us of a similar story: In New Mexico, 16 year-old Tryan Denetso was found dead with a BAC of .40, the highest blood alcohol concentration the State Police had ever found in a high school student, after drinking heavily at a party on a lake in his hometown last weekend. These three deaths make it clear that we need to do something different in our approach to alcohol education. To learn more about what we can do to prevent these types of deaths in the future, check out these headlines.

Stories this week:

Washington Post “Cheat Sheet” blogger Valerie Strauss asked her readers, “Should breathalyzers be used a prom?” She wrote about one school in Missouri whose students requested that they be used, and another school in Vermont whose school board voted against such testing. She then noted, “Perhaps the real question is whether testing everybody actually stops kids from drinking on prom night.” What do you think?

Eric Morris of the New York Times “Freakonomics” blog wondered what types of penalties we should institute for convicted drunk drivers, and asked his readers how severe those penalties should be. He wrote, “It’s worth looking at possible new measures pragmatically and on a case-by-case basis, analyzing their costs and benefits and not staking out an all-or-nothing position.” Leave your own suggestions in the comments.

Thomas Walton, a columnist with the Toledo Blade, warned that student perceptions of frequent campus binge drinking often become reality if universities lack the proper tools to educate their students.

In other news…

Springtime parties continue to cause headaches for college administrators and law enforcement officials as students approach the end of the academic year. At Ohio University, a student-run event called Palmerfest got out of hand and resulted in dozens of arrests. As WSAZ-TV reporter Carrie Cline noted, “This year, as one city official put it, things were worse than bad.”

An Iowa state commission met this week to decide whether or not to designate the beaches in the Great Lakes area – a popular destination for college students – as alcohol-free zones during the upcoming Independence Day holiday period. The holiday period typically brings thousands of young drinkers to the area, and local law enforcement have had a difficult time reaching people who might need medical attention. Do you think this proposed ban will work?

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  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. It’s unfortunate that Alberto Betancourt, Jon Hunter-Hauck and Tryan Denetso died because they abused alcohol. Students attending prom shouldn’t be subjected to the breathlyzer without probable cause so not every student should be tested just because they’re at the prom. The Great Lakes area in Iowa shouldn’t be alcohol free for Independence Day because there will be people who will celebrate that holiday while drinking responsibly.