Drinking to fit in?

A recent study published by the American Sociology Association (ASA) claims that college students who binge drink feel more socially accepted. 1,600 students at a Northeastern liberal arts college were surveyed for the study. In particular, findings indicated that students who feel marginalized on their campus achieve greater social satisfaction from drinking,

Many students responding to the survey reported they did not want to binge drink but felt in necessary to fit in on campus. Minority and LGBT students felt less welcome on campuses with a white, heterosexual culture, and reported they had a better social experience in college when they participated in binge drinking.

This ASA study (click here for more information) indicates that the pervasiveness of binge drinking on college campuses forces students who might choose responsibility to reevaluate their positive decisions in favor of fitting in.

One Response to “Drinking to fit in?”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Any university or college which thinks that enforcing the ageist drinking age will decrease binge drinking is mistaken so it will not see the result the administrators want. It’s horrible that binge drinking from students at the liberal arts college is used to get higher social status. It’s worse that LGBT and non-white students have a stronger reason to binge drink. To decrease binge drinking by college students, alcohol education must be combined with a drinking age of 18. Universities and colleges should always enforce rules against bad behavior regarding alcohol.