Face The State: Reconsider the Drinking Age

Following up on Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner’s appearance in the 60 Minutes segment on the drinking age, the editors of Colorado’s “Face the State” news website have published an editorial in favor of [CR]’s mission. The editors wrote, “now is the time for nationwide conversation. Kids are silently dying under prohibition. For those unconvinced, a simple visit to Boulder on a Saturday night should do the trick.” Their editorial specifically calls on the new Obama administration to address this issue – read the rest of the editorial here.

2 Responses to “Face The State: Reconsider the Drinking Age”

  1. Edwin Says:

    I support the editors of “Face the State” news site for supporting Choose Responsibilty’s great plan for lowering the drinking age to 18 while ensuring that alcohol responsibility exists by also creating an alcohol education program with licensing. In addition, the current drinking age is ageist, kills 18-20 who have overdosed and treats those 18-20 as children which is unjust. Finally, the Scottish government is unfortunately trying to lower the drinking age to 21 which is a shame because it’s a very wrong path. Don’t forget to comment.

  2. Corey Says:

    It’s time the federal government has a new constitutional amendment of Laissez-Faire. This means that the states will do as they please as long as they follow the us constitution. This will eliminate federal regulation of drinking ages and driving laws and prohibit future federal involvement with how the states construct their societies as long as they follow the US constitution. Hopefully, this could end some of MADD’s silly nonsense.