Happy Election Day!

Dear Readers,

If you’re anything like us, you’re holed up watching TV commentators offer their opinions on the fate of our great nation. This has been an election of Twitter hashtags and memes, online commentary and 24 hour news. Constant campaigning has taken its toll on all us, but the internet has given us the ability–even the responsibility–to respond and to share our thoughts. More than ever in the history of our country, social media has shown us the power of an engaged citizenry. Americans have taken an active stance on everything from business to binders, healthcare to homeland security. In this age and ability of hyper-political-activism, we’d like to thank you for spending some of your activism on us.

Our cause is noble. Our cause is saving the lives of young people, of engaging a future generation of responsible citizens. Stick with us. We’re working towards a country parents can teach their young men and women about the realities of alcohol, so that these young men and women can go out into the world and make their own mark on it.

Join us, won’t you?


2 Responses to “Happy Election Day!”

  1. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    I voted. Did you, Edwin?

  2. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Yes, I voted. The article is right because if parents were to teach their daughter or son to drink responsibly, then they would would make it on their own. I have believed that the drinking age has been ageist since I was 16 in 2007. I have sent letters to my state legislators and the state Senator I sent the letter to said that he is alright with young women and young men drinking alcoholic beverages. Although, he believes drunk driving is a common characteristic among people who are 18-20. My Delegate to the Commonwealth’s legislature didn’t have a kneejerk reaction to making exceptions so that people who are 18-20 may drink alcoholic beverages with parental supervision at bars. I will continue my goals.