Hartford Courant: Colleges Try to Stop Early-Semester Binge Drinking

The first few weeks of the fall semester are a dangerous time for incoming college first-years, and Kathleen Megan of the Hartford Courant set out to discover what local colleges are doing to keep students safe. She interviewed [CR] President Barrett Seaman, who called the slew of hospitalizations, injuries, and property damage “an annual ritual that keeps repeating itself.”

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One Response to “Hartford Courant: Colleges Try to Stop Early-Semester Binge Drinking”

  1. Edwin Says:

    I will buy the long-sleeve shirt from Choose Responsibility, if available, before November. The drinking age must be lowered to 18, the real age of majority, with its important components. Late summer, September, and Fall, starting in late September, are times when binge drinking can be as common during spring break. The ageist drinking of 21, an imposter age of majority, does nothing to encourage those 18-20 in consuming alcohol responsibly but often times consuming alcohol as if as they have alcohol abuse.