Have we ignored the stupid [college] drunk for too long?

Last week’s verdict in the trial of George Huguely, former UVa lacrosse player, brought the dangerous consequences of college binge drinking out from behind the closed doors of smoky bars, fraternity basements, and dorm rooms.

An article entitled “The Case of the ‘Stupid Drunk'” from this morning’s Chronicle of Higher Education┬áreminds us that we’ve all encountered the type of drinker that emerges from these clandestine places: stumbling, stuttering, and, as Huguely’s lawyer said, “stupid”.

Eric Hoover, author of the aforementioned article, notes that these days, being the stupid drunk seems to be part of the college experience. He writes,

The verdict followed a two-week trial in which alcohol played a significant role. Mr. Huguely’s story reveals the awful paradox of heavy drinking: Even as it unleashes terrible behavior in one man, it so often turns his friends into bystanders, unwilling or unable to help, assuming that they even see a problem at all.

However, the loss of life (not to mention the 26 years Huguely could spend in jail) reminds us that the pervasive abuse of alcohol that stems from not learning to drink safely cannot be ignored any longer.

One Response to “Have we ignored the stupid [college] drunk for too long?”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The college drunk should not be thought as of normal. People who fit this characteristic should learn about the importance of responsible alcohol drinking. College drunks are a problem and solutions are needed to decrease the number of such people at universities.