Iowa City Press Citizen: Public Intoxication Arrests Rising at Iowa Universities

Despite statewide efforts to curb binge drinking, including a proposed 21-only bar ordinance in Iowa City, public intoxication arrests “skyrocketed” over the past year at Iowa’s three public universities, according to Staci Hupp’s report in the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

These public intoxication arrests rose 11% at the University of Iowa and 66% at the University of Northern Iowa between 2008 and 2009. At Iowa State, they doubled during the same period. To get a more detailed look at the statistics, check out the full Press-Citizen article.

3 Responses to “Iowa City Press Citizen: Public Intoxication Arrests Rising at Iowa Universities”

  1. Marshall Guthrie Says:

    This stat is so often cited, yet tells nothing. I went to school at the University of Iowa and, several times a term, there would be a “crackdown” downtown with the amount of police patrolling on foot doubled and the directive handed down to focus on citing underage drinking and public drunkenness. This crackdown was often announce beforehand via a number of channels including the Daily Iowan (the UI and Iowa City defacto newspaper).

    If anything, that publicizing the effort would reduce the actual amount of public drunkenness present (or relocate it to off-campus house parties), and yet the amount of public drunkenness cited always rose. Next weekend, the high-level of public intoxication would rise back to it’s standard level, and yet the citations would be reduced due to lack of police presence.

    So, why didn’t they just swarm the Ped Mall with police every weekend, wouldn’t that just solve the problem?

    Maybe, maybe not, but even assuming that tactic would be effective, the funds/manpower are not available in fully enforce the 21 drinking age and curb reckless drinking in all age groups. It is not logistically possible to correct that behavior with law enforcement.

    Let’s try education…starting with understanding these often promoted statistics.

    In order to make heads or tails of this stat, we would have to know whether police presence also increased. Alone, it means nothing.

  2. Anthony Rhodes Says:

    We should really start thinking about some T.V. ads to swing public support to our side.

  3. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. The proposal which the Iowa City council is considering must be abandoned because the drinking age is already ageist so that the proposal wouldn’t accomplish anything but further ageism. Public intoxication is not a problem unless the person is breaking laws because whether people are intoxicated or not, they’re under the subject of laws. Abuse of alcohol abuse is a problem but if a person is walking on the sidewalk, then there’s no problem.