John McCardell on KSTP-AM

Shawn Prebil and Chris Murphy of the “Prebil & Murphy Show” on KSTP-AM in St. Paul, Minnesota interviewed [CR] President John McCardell after Thursday’s hearing on underage drinking in Vermont. The hearing received plenty of press coverage, and Dr. McCardell joined KSTP’s mid-day hosts to talk about the drinking age debate.

Dr. McCardell joined the hosts in the 3rd hour of Friday’s show…the interview is available as an mp3 file here. Check it out!

One Response to “John McCardell on KSTP-AM”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with alcohol education and licensing. It’s good that the “Prebil & Murphy Show” of KSTP-AM in Minnesota interviewed John McCardell. The ageist drinking age has encouraged and encourages those 18-20 to abuse alcohol with the effects of that being felt in universities. The debate surrounding the ageist drinking age must be made widely felt so people know that the ageist drinking age of 21 doesn’t instill alcohol responsibility.