Kansas may repeal happy hour ban

Later this year, Kansas will may its departure from a group of 24 states that currently prohibit happy hours. The afterwork period famous for discounted drinks was banned in Kansas 26 years ago.┬áIn the meantime, bars have found clever ways of circumventing the law, including hosting “happy days” where drinks are served at discounted prices throughout the day instead of only in the evening. Liz Goodwin writes,

[Until the law passes], clever barkeeps will continue adapting to the prohibition on temporary drink discounts by discounting their drinks all day long.

Like MLDA 21, Kansas’s ban on happy hours did not prevent bar patrons from drinking.

Findings from a Canadian study showed that discounted alcohol at happy hours did not significantly alter the amount of alcohol patrons consumed. The Alcoholic Beverage Institute believes that “an outright ban of happy hours is an overreach: in efforts to encourage moderate, responsible drinking. There is also hope that altering this law will prevent Kansas residents from driving to Missouri, where laws are far less strict.




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  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Kansas should repeal the ban on happy hour.