KARE-TV on Alcohol Sales at UMN’s TCF Bank Stadium

Last fall, the sale of alcohol at college football stadiums was a hot topic in the news. When the new TCF Bank Stadium was built to host the University of Minnesota’s football team, the school’s Board of Regents chose to ban all alcohol sales inside the stadium. That ban is now in the news again as Minnesota lawmakers are looking to allow for flexible, location-based alcohol sales inside the stadium that would replace the all-or-nothing policy currently in place. John Croman of KARE-TV noted that the Minnesota Senate bill under consideration intends to recoup lost funds for scholarship purposes.

Chris Littmann of the Sporting News wrote that he thought the ban was ineffective in the first place because it encouraged clandestine, pre-game drinking: “Drink or don’t drink, but I tend to think that banning alcohol as a whole from a venue just encourages ridiculous binge drinking by the student population prior to the game. Anyone who spent time on a college campus probably knows this to be true, even if they didn’t engage in it personally.”

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One Response to “KARE-TV on Alcohol Sales at UMN’s TCF Bank Stadium”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. University stadiums shouldn’t entirely ban alcohol because that’s prohibition in university stadiums. Minnesota’s legislature is probably going to implement a good plan for alcohol sales policy to avoid an entire ban on alcohol sales. Chris Littman is correct in that the ban won’t work because university students will continue to abuse alcohol before the game because the ageist drinking age doesn’t instill alcohol responsibility.