LA Times “Booster Shots” on Extreme Binge Drinking

On Tuesday, Melissa Healy of the Los Angeles Times‘ “Booster Shots” health blog reported on some new survey results which show that extreme binge drinking among high school seniors is more common than most parents think. For some details, she spoke to University of Michigan researcher Lloyd Johnston, who oversees the annual Monitoring the Future survey that tracks alcohol and drug use by teenagers and young adults:

“High school seniors have been asked in recent years about rates of ‘extreme binge drinking’ — the consumption of more than 10 or more than 15 drinks on a single occasion.How many do it? Johnston said Monday that in the two weeks before completing the survey, 11% of high school seniors said they had consumed more than 10 alcoholic drinks in a single sitting, and 6% said they had consumed more than 15.”

Healy noted that this type of extreme drinking may have played a role in the death of Aydin Salek, a high school senior from South Pasadena, last weekend.

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One Response to “LA Times “Booster Shots” on Extreme Binge Drinking”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. Some high school seniors are young women or young men, meaning that if the solution were to be implemented, binge drinking by them would drop. Since some high school seniors are girls and boys, the solution, if implemented, won’t be as beneficial. Extreme binge drinking is on the above end of alcohol abuse and is why education to the danger of binge drinking towards high school seniors is best but without scare tactics.