Marshall coaches take interesting approach to safety, drinking

Beginning in June, Marshall University coaches and student athletes began taking “ride alongs” with Huntington Police Department officers. Accompanying police officers as they patrol the college town’s night life exposes coaches and athletes to the realities of irresponsible drinking, especially alcohol fueled fights. These ride alongs also reveal first hand the struggles police officers face on a daily–and nightly–basis.

Read more about the Marshall University coaches’ approach to teaching responsible behavior here.

One Response to “Marshall coaches take interesting approach to safety, drinking”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The “ride alongs” have a purpose because some of the people involved in irresponsible drinking are probably atlethes from the university. This approach would encourage college atlethes to discourage irresponsible drinking by their team mates. The coaches get the reality of the irresponsible drinking and the fights that happen in the city. I don’t want to blame atlethes from Marshall University who have not done those wrong things but some of those people were probably atlethes from the college.