More drunk than you think?

A recent Fox News report claims that, “women arrested for driving while intoxicated increased by 31.5 percent between 2000 and 2009.” According to the article, the statistic indicates the adults, especially women, are consuming enough alcohol to push them past the legal driving limit. Apparently, men and women continue to make the choice to drink and drive because they do not realize how a drink affects their BAC.

While the article serves more as more of a warning to adults than as a statistical analysis, it indicates that a misunderstanding of alcohol’s effect on the body plays a role in the choices made by those well past the legal age.

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One Response to “More drunk than you think?”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    If the drinking age is lowered to 18, as it should, then alcohol education should be required for a young woman or young man to buy or drink alcohol. The article gives a statistic that gives a troubling increase.