Moving Waters in South Carolina

Legislators in South Carolina understand the conflicting messages being delivered to men and women of the military. These individuals are provided weapons and trusted to defend their country in the most dangerous of environments. However, upon returning home, they are stripped of their label of maturity, and are told they are not responsible enough to drink a beer or glass of wine. 

Rep. Fletcher Smith (D- Greenville) is on a mission to standardize these messages, in the hope of allowing young adult members of the armed services to legally consume alcohol. We commend Smith’s efforts in his state of South Carolina, and we encourage the blossoming of comparable movements around the country. Productive steps have also been taken in Kentucky, among other states. It is abundantly clear that Congress needs to lift the 10% highway funding penalty — so that forward-thinking states can freely engage in debate, and we can finally answer the perplexing question: Fight at 18…Drink at 21?

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