New study emphasizes adult influence on underage drinking

A recent California study has shown that communities where social host laws are more stringent have demonstrated more responsible underage contingents.

This may not come as a surprise, though it has implications when thought of in the context of role-modeling. Adults who discourage binge drinking in their presence, yet encourage responsible drinking in responsible settings, help to promote positive habits for minors. This behavior may be encouraged by these new social host laws.

Lead researcher Mallie J. Paschall claimed that ‘”Most kids get alcohol from social sources, not commercial ones,” so laws that target the social-sources of alcohol, such as parents or adult caretakers, can help reduce underage drinking.’

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One Response to “New study emphasizes adult influence on underage drinking”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Mallie J. Paschall should know that reducing “underage” drinking should never be a goal for any organization. A drinking age of 18 combined with alcohol education would certainly lower binge drinking. Parents who let their daughter or son drink alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner while telling them against binge drinking are good parents.