New Study on Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Yesterday, CNN’s Trisha Henry reported on a new study conducted by researchers at Oklahoma State University and the University of Missouri which asserts that college athletes, when drinking, are more likely than non-athletes to consume dangerous cocktails containing both alcohol and energy drinks. When these athletes combined energy drinks with alcohol, their alcohol intake rose to twice that of athletes who consumed alcohol only.

The increased energy cocktail consumption observed among athletes led to an increase in secondary consequences: they were more likely to ride in a car with a drunk driver or to engage in risky behaviors that resulted in injury. The researchers also cautioned that the negative psychological effects of drinking caffeine and alcohol (a stimulant and depressant) together can be multiplied when consumed in excess. Dr. Conrad Woolsey, who led the study, told CNNthat excessive consumption of the alcohol-energy drink mix “can cause a sort of manic depressive state afterwards and over time can lead to anxiety disorders, especially in young people.”

With energy drinks already popular among young adults, this study provides more evidence that coaches, educators, and college administrators need to be aware of the potential dangers of mixing alcohol with these beverages.

Have you seen athletes mix energy drinks with alcohol more frequently than other drinkers? Let us know in the comments.

One Response to “New Study on Energy Drinks and Alcohol”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its important components. I don’t approve of alcoholic energy drinks or the mixing of an energy drink with an alcoholic beverage because of its negative effects. Dr. Conroad Woolsey gives more evidence of the consequences of such drinks. Although these energy cocktails can have a negative affect on anyone of any age, they’re definitely bad for young people because of the disorder resulting from the manic depressive state. Responsibility doesn’t come that cocktail.