No alcohol, at all

Milwaukee Area Technical College’s vice-president of student services, Dr. Trevor Kubatzke, has said he will sign off on a policy to eliminate alcohol at all events run by student organizations. Though students have spoken out against the “No Alcohol” policy, Kubatze argues that alcohol does not contribute to student events and hence should be eliminated:

When we’re planning events that are educational in venue, or a learning experience, alcohol doesn’t bring anything to the table. We shouldn’t be planning events where the focus is alcohol so, where we are today, there really isn’t a need to have alcohol at our student events.

Kubatze’s argument seems to be based on one school of thought about alcohol. However, he does not comment on other–or better–avenues to imbue his students with a sense of responsibility. Though college, we would argue, is about acquiring knowledge, it is also about acquiring life skills.

One Response to “No alcohol, at all”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Although there are some young women and young men who believe that alcoholic beverages are necessary for social interaction, having a moderate attitude towards alcoholic beverages is better. I don’t agree with Dr. Trevor Kubatzke’s policy which would ban alcoholic beverages for student run organizations. At most organization events, college students who drink alcohlic beverages will do so responsibly because there is a strong incentive to do so. If alcoholic beverages are taken away, it doesn’t further the goal of alcohol responsibility.