North Dakota House candidate and a citation for underage drinking

The discussion on the drinking age in the United States crossed an often overlooked barrier in 2012, as exhibited through a incident with University of North Dakota student, John Mitzel.

Mitzel, 19, ran for a position in the House of Representatives (R. North Dakota) and was cited for underage drinking during his campaign. Proponents of a reduction in the drinking age rarely cite that one gains the right to run for political office before the right to consume alcohol. Is it a safe assumption that an individual entrusted to make decisions on behalf of the state can effectively control his or her consumption of alcohol? Mitzel continued to run, stating that “it will not cloud my ability to serve in the legislature” (see link below).

While Mitzel won the Republican primary, he lost in the general election. Read more about Mitzel’s campaign here.

One Response to “North Dakota House candidate and a citation for underage drinking”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    A candidate for a state’s legislature being cited for “underage” drinking is ridiculous. If he became a state legislator, he should have introduced a bill to lower the drinking age to 18 along with alcohol education. Young people who are elected to state legislatures should show that type of courage and like-minded organizations will follow to support such a bill.