Paul Clarke of NYT’s “Proof”: Why (and How) I Drink

Paul Clarke of the New York Times‘ group blog “Proof: Alcohol and American Life” posted a great entry last Friday on the need for realistic alcohol education that involves parents and is based in the home.  Clarke wrote:

Knowing that my 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son will likely start to experiment with alcohol in – let’s be realistic – about a decade, give or take, I fully realize that every time my wife or I take a drink around them, a message is being sent. There are several directions this can go, and I understand I’ll never have total control over any of them. If completely banishing alcohol from our home would protect them from any of its hazards later in life, it’d be an easy choice, but as my old hard-drinking friends demonstrated, that’s just a bit too simple and naïve to be a realistic option.

Visit Proof and read the whole entry.

One Response to “Paul Clarke of NYT’s “Proof”: Why (and How) I Drink”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The answer is responsibility. Banishing alcohol wouldn’t teach anyone about alcohol responsibility.