Philip Cook on the Amethyst Initiative

Duke University economics professor Philip Cook is publishing a week-long series on alcohol control policy at the popular legal blog Volokh Conspiracy. Today, he expressed support for [CR]’s mission in a post about the Amethyst Initiative and suggested a specific legislative approach: He’d like to see “a ‘learners permit’ approach to youthful drinking, whereby a ‘drinking license’ would be given to 18 year olds and subject to suspension if they abused it.” Read the rest of his post here.

One Response to “Philip Cook on the Amethyst Initiative”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Professor Philip Cooks has supported a very good program whereby 18-year olds would receive an alcohol license after receiving an alcohol learner’s permit. I see this as the best way to instill responsibility about alcohol on adults who are 18-20. In addition, I support lowering the drinking age to 18, and with this program in place, ageists would be proved wrong. Finally, don’t forget to place a comment.