Proposed Bill Would Allow Eighteen-Year Olds to Drink in Bars

A bill proposed by Minnesota state representative Phyllis Khan (DFL-Minneapolis) would enable 18-year-olds to consume alcohol in bars and restaurants but not purchase liquor in stores. Kahn speaks of her motive for proposing this bill:

I’m totally appalled by people going out on their 21st birthday and getting totally smashed.

Khan also argues that the 21-year-old drinking age has led to higher rates of binge drinking. Read the full article on Khan’s bill and reactions from college students here.

4 Responses to “Proposed Bill Would Allow Eighteen-Year Olds to Drink in Bars”

  1. Marshall Guthrie Says:

    Sounds like a step towards normalizing alcohol consumption in moderation, though as she has proposed the bill several times before, the odds of it passing don’t seem good.

  2. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    Phyllis Khan has introduced a good bill because the drinking age should be 18. This bill should become law because in bars and restauraunts, there are better expectations about drinking alcohol. In these places, employees or managers would chastise a person for abusing alcohol but in places where alcohol abuse is encouraged, there is no restraint to stop and there’s no incentive to be responsible. Phyllis Khan knows the truth about the bad effects of the drinking age. I congraluate her for introducing the bill and I hope she will get sponsors for the bill’s advancement.

  3. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    My comment doesn’t need moderation.

  4. Ajax the Great Says:

    While this is clearly a step in the right direction, I really don’t see why anyone should have to wait until 21 to buy a six-pack in the store. If they’re concerned about 18 year olds buying booze for their younger friends and increased high school keggers, the risk could be greatly reduced by limiting how much 18-20 year olds buy (i.e. no kegs, cases, or other large bulk quantities until 20 or 21, and only one off-premise transaction per 24-hour period).