Roanoke Times: 21 Pushes Parties Off Campus

Over the weekend, Roanoke Times writer Kevin Kittredge explored one of the major consequences of Legal Age 21: the high drinking age has pushed the consumption of alcohol at several Virginia colleges off campus, and into environments where toxic drinking is much more difficult to control. Kittredge interviewed one Washington & Lee student who said, “It’s definitely easier for people who are underage to go to parties out in the county. I guess there are really no authority figures out there.” Read the rest of the article to find out how administrators at Virginia colleges are attempting to work with law enforcement officials to rectify this problem.

One Response to “Roanoke Times: 21 Pushes Parties Off Campus”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. The ageist drinking age encourages binge drinking by those 18-20 in university or places located farther away . Washington & Lee University is the usual, where students hide from police officers. The environment of binge drinking is where young adults are vulnerable to its consequences. However, Washington & Lee University is doing good by not being too hard on enforcing the ageist drinking age.