ShotPaks: A Dangerous New Craze

If you thought that Alcopops encouraged drinking amongst young adults, wait until you hear about a new craze:  ShotPaks.  ShotPaks are small, shot-sized alcoholic drinks that come in little plastic pouches—perfect for a drinker on the go, according to manufacturers.  Marketed as a “party in a pouch,” ShotPaks are sweet, sugary drinks called “Purple Hooters” and “Kamikazes,” although the more serious drinker may want to pick up the “STR8UP” ShotPaks, which contain only straight liquor without any mixer.


Sure, there may be no glass to break, and therefore ShotPaks might seem safer at events like concerts and sports games.  However, the real danger is that the small size and sweet taste of ShotPaks make them tasty, easily concealable and, in other words, very appealing to underage drinkers.  By helping to push drinking more undercover, ShotPaks make binge drinking even harder to monitor amongst both underage and of-age drinkers—something that have dangerous consequences.

4 Responses to “ShotPaks: A Dangerous New Craze”

  1. Jolyn Says:

    Why is it that we as a nation want to blame the corporations and manufacturers of products? Regardless of their unerlying market focus of these, we have no right to blame them for these problems. It is not their fault that people are alcoholics, it is no one but that persons fault. If kids/teens decide to latch on to these, well it is the person who buys them for them’s fault, their parents fault for not educating them better (or paying enough attention), and the kids fault for not listening. Our society has a very bad perception on things. It’s easier to blame someone else.

  2. Will Says:

    I have personally observed pudding-cup style shots of vodka on sale in Israel and society there is certainly safe and functional.

  3. Corey Says:

    Why don’t we just follow other cultures of responsible drinking and stop blaming alcohol industries like the AMA does? AMA supported prohibition back in the 1920’s. When prohibition starts, may support it. When prohibition ends, people realize it was unpopular and unsuccessful. Let 18-20 year olds hav their own say in their own prohibition and rather they support it or not? I’m agreeing with Jolyn and Will. Canada, New Zealand, and Europe don’t want to blame alcohol industries like we do. This is the land of the free and i say let supervised parties have alcohol and unsupervised ones not have alcohol at all. Yet again alcohol might go to alcohol free parties. Parents or educators need to teach kids at an earlier age(ex.12) like many European cultures do.

  4. Bella Says:

    I grew up in the 80’s where shotpaks or other “cutesy sugary drinks” were not even thought of. I still managed to get drunk every day, at school and after, and under age. The blame lay on the shoulders of the drunk liquor store owner, who didn’t card me and parents who didn’t care enough. When are people going to stop blaming “new” MUSIC, (RAP ETC) new packaging styles, new (television programs), new (games – playstation etc) and start realizing that underage drinking is an AGE OLD problem and has everything to do with parenting. Grow up and stop living in the future to blame your problems on…I was a drunk long before some of these new products were even invented. It took my own hand to stop, and tighter restrictions in the NEW world had a hand in that.