Students initiate alcohol policy at Haverford College

In an effort to create a greater sense of safety, unity and consistency, Haverford College, outside Philadelphia, PA, has gone about its alcohol policy from a different angle: each year, the students vote on the school’s alcohol policies in order to make sure they are consistent with community expectations. What’s the result of this? Student loyalty, safety and support.

Indeed, there are administrators on the panel that reviews these policies, but students seem to have a strong influence on the regulatory environment.

As the article notes, “The relationship between students and security at Haverford is a key reason why, according to Pavliv, students feel safe notifying campus safety officers.” Such respected collaboration in a college community may be worth a thought or two.

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One Response to “Students initiate alcohol policy at Haverford College”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    I am impressed by Haverford College’s policies regarding alcoholic beverages. Those policies from Haverford are much more progressive than policies from other universities and colleges around the country. The policies from other universities throw students under the bus for drinking alcoholic beverages, including if a student has drunk responsibly.