Testimonial #9

“I am an American but was educated abroad in England as well as in the US, both of my parents are American, but have lived extensively in other countries. Alcohol has ALWAYS been acceptable in my family and I have never had a problem drinking with my parents or with not being allowed to drink. I think that the laws in America are irresponsible and inappropriate. I feel very strongly about changing them, to the point where I would love to be involved with your group and any other who has the same values as I do. Having lived in a country where the drinking age was 18 for a bar, 16 at a restaurant, and no questions asked when you are with your parents, I can tell anyone that there is a huge societal difference, and one is very clearly better than the other. I think it is socially irresponsible for Americans to have such a high drinking age when it’s clear to everyone that people are not waiting until 21. That is simple stupidity. We need to not turn a blind eye to underage drinking, we need to change it and teach teenagers responsible drinking. Obviously drinking and driving is a problem and I personally feel it is exacerbated by the high drinking age and not helped. I know many kids who have been caught for DUI’s and I can tell you that a part of that is due to the fact that they have to hide their drinking from their parents, and as they can’t tell them they need a ride for being drunk, they just drive home. I’m not saying changing the legal age will fix drinking and driving, but obviously having the drinking age at 21 isn’t changing anything either. I just want to thank you all for making a group about this and making change a possibility.”

~Arianne Staples

One Response to “Testimonial #9”

  1. Reverse the laws Says:

    I drank at restaurants in Texas as a child, mostly wine, with my parents. As a teen, I could drink mixed drinks, at a party with parents and/or other responsible adults.

    When I was 18, the law changed the drinking age to 21. I support lowering the drinking age to 18.

    Moreover, I believe the laws should be left to states and independent municipalities or communities to decide what is accetable according to local culture.