The Oklahoman: Fighting Binge Drinking at OU

In 2005, the University of Oklahoma instituted a dry campus policy following the alcohol poisoning death of OU first-year student Blake Hammontree. Over the weekend, James Tyree of The Oklahoman visited the campus to see how this policy is working five years later.

Some students argued that the dry policy drives drinking off campus and underground: a first-year student said, “It forces kids to go to the bars or to a house that’s off campus to drink, and then they have to find their way home, and that makes it worse. If you can’t drink at a frat house, then you go somewhere else.”

Others told Tyree that University policies implemented in conjunction with the dry campus rule, including a SafeRide program to curb drinking and driving, are working out quite well: the number of DUI violations reported to the OU Student Conduct Office has declined steadily in the past three years.

Have administrators at your school instituted a dry campus policy? If so, how is it working out? Let us know by telling your story in the comments.

One Response to “The Oklahoman: Fighting Binge Drinking at OU”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with education and licensing. The first year student at the University of Oklahoma is an ageist for calling young women and young men 18-20 “kids”. The ageist drinking age is responsible for encouraging those aged 18-20 to go to places which require a vehicle to drive from. However, it’s good that the university’s SafeRide program has decreased drunken driving and curb drinking, which is not a big problem. A dry campus policy is a bad policy like the 21 drinking age.