The State of Alcohol and Health

Binge drinking is a public health problem, but is alcohol inherently bad for our health? Some interesting commentary from addiction expert, Dr. Stanton Peele.

2 Responses to “The State of Alcohol and Health”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hi there,

    I just surfed into the blog and I see that you have some interesting stuff. The name of Stanton Peele is familiar to me.

    Dr. Peele is a very interesting guy and has written an interesting book called the Truth about Addiction and Recovery. In the book he does a good job of challenging a lot of the existing orthodoxies about addiction treatment. He does less well at persuading the reader that his own ways of viewing things are right. Nonetheless, an interesting book that I recommend.

    In recent years, however, Dr. Peele has been working for liquor-industry groups such as the Wine Institute. Given this relationship, why are you citing him as a credible source? If you seen the film, “Thank You For Smoking,” you have a pretty good idea of what Dr. Peele’s job is.

    The liquor industry spends a lot of money recruiting scientists who will downplay the negative health effects of their product, and even present it as “good for you.” They want to increase consumption and, not to put too fine a point on it, promote addiction. After all, their best customers are the hard-core alcoholics.

    If alcohol doesn’t contribute to health, why is health better in states with the highest percentage of drinkers than in those with the lowest? The first thing I notice is that the bad-health, high-abstaining states are all in the South and they’re all poor. The South is culturally conservative, and a lot of people just don’t drink. I would point to poverty as the reason for the bad health of these states before any other factor.

    Somebody who is clever and pick and choose whatever statistics he likes to prove whatever point he wants to make. But this isn’t good science.

    For an alternative view, you might want to look at this site.

  2. Ajax the Great Says:

    Steve, you cited an anti-vaxxer’s website? LOL!