This week in 1933: Liquor flows freely in MA, IN, and NY

This week 75 years ago was a busy one in the fight for Prohibition repeal.  On June 26, 1933, Massachusetts and Indiana both held state conventions officially ratifying the 21st Amendment.  New York followed on June 27, breezing through their ratifying convention after a landslide vote of 89% of voters in favor of Repeal.  With ratification complete in nine states, the wet cause had a quarter of the states it needed to ensure repeal, with support and enthusiasm growing every day. 



For a first hand report on the Prohibition experience in Indiana, check out this coverage in the Gary, IN Post Tribune.  The New York Sun featured an editorial celebrating repeal in New York City.  [CR] Reasearch Assistant Michael Libertin will be busy this summer gathering Prohibition lore from all corners of the nation, so be sure to check back soon to our growing Repeal site. 

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