UVA Trial Reveals “Epidemic Levels” of Campus Drinking

We’ve dedicated several posts in the last month to the tragic death of Yeardley Love and the subsequent trial of George Huguely, and we certainly don’t want to repeat ourselves.

However, a recent Washington Post article entitled “Huguely trial highlights alcohol abuse at colleges, universities” could not go unposted. The article notes that binge drinking is more prevalent on college campuses than ever.

An NIAAA report released in 2009 shows that alcohol-related deaths of people ages 18 to 24 were up 14 percent to 1,825 in 2005, compared with roughly 1,605 in 1998.

Based on this statistic, Huguely’s behavior was extreme, but his drinking was not extraordinary. His conviction sheds light on today’s college ┬áculture and proves that dangerous drinking cannot be ignored any longer.

One Response to “UVA Trial Reveals “Epidemic Levels” of Campus Drinking”

  1. Edwin Bonilla Says:

    The dangerous drinking culture on universities is a bad situation that needs to be controlled.