Virginian-Pilot Columnist: 21 Isn’t Working

In her Sunday column, Kerry Dougherty of the Virginian-Pilot expressed her concern that Legal Age 21 isn’t working for parents or young adults. Dougherty noted that parents are often unaware of the culture of pre-gaming and toxic consumption on college campuses. She wrote,

“We can thank the higher drinking age for this little twist on getting twisted. Seems those who are too young to legally drink in bars chug alcohol in private before stumbling out into the night.  Or they get fake IDs and commit another, more serious, crime.  Drinking on college campuses is a fact of life. It’s time for a sober look at the laws that turned drinking a beer at a fraternity party into a crime.”

Read the whole column here, and check out her follow-up post on the subject that was published this morning.

One Response to “Virginian-Pilot Columnist: 21 Isn’t Working”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. Kerry Dougherty is correct in that the ageist drinking age encourages binge drinking in universities by those aged 18-20. The truth of binge drinking in universities must be looked at soberly for any solutions to come out. If the drinking age is lowered to 18, alcohol licensing and comprehensive alcohol education implemented, there will be success. This solution must be powerful in Congress and other legislatures.