Wall Street Journal: New Technology Tries to Curb Drunk Driving

Stephanie Simon of the Wall Street Journal ended 2009 with a report about some new technologies to curb drunk driving that are aimed at younger drinkers. State officials across the country have realized that drinkers under the age of 35 are “least likely to tune into the radio spots, billboards and newspaper ads traditionally used to warn about the dangers of driving while impaired,” and they are now turning to social networking sites, iPhone apps, and simulations at concerts and football games to get the message across.

Simon’s report focused on a new iPhone app that estimates blood alcohol content by tracking a user’s alcohol intake and weight. While some prevention officials recognize that new technologies like these are needed to reach young drinkers, others are concerned that they could easily become drinking games that foster excessive consumption.

What do you think? Can these new tools be effective, or will they encourage dangerous drinking? Let us know in the comments.

One Response to “Wall Street Journal: New Technology Tries to Curb Drunk Driving”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with alcohol education and licensing. It’s important for young women, young men, girls, boys, women under 35 and men under 35 to know the consequence of drunken driving. It’s correct that young people are more exposed to social networking sites than others, thus it’s good that a new approach has been implemented. The new iPhone app can be used for alcohol abuse by the irresponsible. Best thing to do is to instill alcohol responsibility.