Wall Street Journal on Alcohol Sales in College Stadiums

Over the weekend, Jeff Opdyke and David Kesmodel of the Wall Street Journal wrote about an issue that has been on the minds of college administrators as the the fall sports season gets underway: alcohol sales in stadiums that host university sports. Some cities are feeling the pinch of difficult economic times, and are using alcohol sales during college football games to boost revenue. Meanwhile, certain schools (such as the University of Wisconsin) have severed their relationships with alcohol advertisers during sports broadcasts. According to the Journal‘s review of these policies,

“Overall, about three dozen of the roughly 120 largest NCAA Division 1 schools allow beer sales inside their stadiums, though many limit sales to luxury suites, lounges or club-seating areas. In other cases, beer is available stadium-wide because a facility is owned by the city, the state or a local sports authority, and that body, not the school, establishes the alcohol policy. Most colleges, already struggling with underage drinking on campus, frown on beer sales in their stadiums.”

Check out their article to get a sense of this debate, and leave a note in the comments if you’d like to weigh in with your thoughts on the best approach to this issue. Do you think a ban on alcohol sales inside a college stadium could help to curb dangerous drinking?

2 Responses to “Wall Street Journal on Alcohol Sales in College Stadiums”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with an alcohol education program. There are problems, such as riots that occur in university stadiums because of alcohol, but stadiums shouldn’t ban alcohol inside entirely. A good solution to the problem is to let luxury suite holders get beer and ban beer in the stands. Allowing the sell of beer in university stadiums shouldn’t be the only option for revenue, thus tax increases should be considered. University stadiums may ban alcohol entirely, but that is too prohibitionist.

  2. Ignat Says:

    I disagree with 21,but I strongly agree and support to ban beer from all American stadiums nationwide.Beer is in fact alcoholic drink and it brings riots on places like the stadiums.Games can peacefully dwell with hot dogs,sodas,popcorn,and other refreshments,but not with the alcohol that paves ways to riots and out of control violence.