Washington State Ballot Initiative to Lower Purchasing Age Hits Roadblock

An update from Washington state: the ballot initiative that hopes to lower the minimum age for purchasing alcohol to 19 may not appear on the ballot during fall elections unless its sponsor locates additional funding and volunteers to continue the campaign, according to The Seattle Weekly.

Dustin  Reischmann, a 21-year old philosophy major at Washington State University, began Initiative 1072 as an independent project for one of his courses. After the course ended, he continued to work on it and filed the necessary paperwork to begin collecting signatures in February. The bill would not allow 19-and-20 year olds into bars, but would enable them to purchase alcohol.

“It seems like the way we are addressing the alcohol culture, trying to push it under the rug, is actually creating more problems,” Reischmann said in a Yakima Herald report back in February. “My hope is that people become more responsible with their alcohol consumption.”

In order to qualify for the fall ballot, the initiative needs 241,153 signatories by July 2.  Reischmann admitted to the Weekly that he will not obtain the required number of signatures because he lacks additional money and volunteers, but hopes someone else will take over the fight.

In addition to Reischmann’s campaign, two other alcohol-related initiatives are aiming for the November ballot, which aim to eliminate state-run liquor stores in favor of privately-owned establishments.  Check out the Washington Secretary of State’s blog for more information on those initiatives.

For the full text of Reischmann’s ballot initiative, see here – let us know what you think in the comments.

One Response to “Washington State Ballot Initiative to Lower Purchasing Age Hits Roadblock”

  1. Edwin Says:

    The drinking age must be lowered to 18 along with its important components. Dustin Reischmann is doing a great thing by directing Initiative 1072 and although it won’t lower the drinking age to 18, it does match the drinking age with British Columbia. Since I live in northern Virginia, I’m unable to travel to Washington to help to gather signatures but I do support Initiative 1072. Hopefully, someone strong will gather the signatures so that it can a vote this year. It might not win but this is progress.